Maths Lab

“ Life is a math equation. in order to gain the most,
you have to know how to convert negatives into positives”.
Without Mathematics, ther’s nothing you can do.
Everything around you is mathematics.
Everything around you is numbers.

The mathematics laboratory provides an opportunity for individualized instructions, introduction to the use of calculators and computers.

The laboratory approach embodies the concept of active learning, pupil’s involvement and participation and relevance.

It is the demonstration of the concept of activity – oriented mathematics programme.

Every class is provided the opportunity to visit the maths lab for better understanding.

Science Lab

Science curriculum at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Public School aims at integrating the different subjects breaking the boundaries so that learning becomes more comprehensive, complete and holistic. We not only take efforts to integrate science with art, math and language but also with our culture and social values so that our students develop an appreciation for the subject and also inculcate an attitude of enquiry.

At the primary level, science is integrated with social science and taught together as Environmental Science(EVS). However in middle school, students learn science in two disciplines as Physical Science and Biological Science.

Ample opportunity is given to each and every student to develop higher order thinking skill through STE(A)m activities. The curriculum also aims in incorporating the 4 C’s i.e., Collaboration, Communication, Creativity and Critical Thinking so the student would become independent in problem solving rather than getting stranded in rote-memory.

Physical Science

  • Physics – The curriculum focuses on measurement and motion,magnetism, electricity and optics.

  • Chemistry – The topics in chemistry are materials, changes around us, classification and separation, natural elements. These topics offer a basic knowledge in natural and man – made elements and compounds.

    Experiments are conducted inside the classroom and in the laboratory in order to ensure deeper understanding.

  • Biological Science – Biology is mainly concerned with food and its components, habitats, animals, plants and waste management.

    Activities which provide hands on experience is the principal focus of science in both primary and middle school.

    School has well spaced separate labs for Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

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