About Us

About Us



The ambience at the Bhavan’s is permeated with a distinctive blend of the Oriental and the Occidental. A blend that weaves the modern values of Science, Technology and Competition in the tapestry of our rich cultural heritage. Every effort is made to ensure that the students develop an integrated personality imbibed with a motto of duty and self less service.

The school firmly believes that the educational process must be rooted in the country’s tradition and culture. In today’s scenario where the youth are subjected to conflicting and indeed dangerous influences from all over the world, it is necessary to inculcate good values in them in order to help them to succeed. It is the school’s intention to develop their personalities so as to enable them to embark on the journey to adulthood, with confidence.

An atmosphere of truthfulness, trust and care inspires students to be upright, righteous and sensitive, while a combination of percept and example helps them acquire values that will help them in life. Students imbibe qualities of conduct and behaviour in an atmosphere that has been specially designed for this interactive learning process. Bhavan believes in nurturing responsible, intelligent and committed citizens who can make a meaningful contribution towards making India a proud country.


To unfold the latent spark of excellence in every student so that they realize their true potential in life.


To facilitate the development of character and excellence in students of the Bhavan through a well – structured programme of education in values and skills.

Let's reach your future goalstogether!