Math Club
Math and success add up

To widen the knowledge of students and to provide exposure for real life problems. The endeavor is fulfilled by our maths club. This club paves the way for complete visualization and comprehension of mathematical concepts. It helps in arousing and maintaining student’s interest in mathematics and provides them with opportunities to develop their explorative, creative and inventive faculties.

Science club
Let’s have a moment of science.
Leading knowledge to work.
Sharpen your scientific temper.

Science club is the platform for the students to enhance their scientific interest, realize their scientific skills and fulfill their quest for doing science activities. The club aims to organise seminars, workshops exhibition and quiz competition to inculcate students knowledge and skill in the field of science. Thus science club caters for the arousal of scientific attitude and genuine interest in science and gives the syllabus a practical dimension.

Needle Work Club
A new perspective on crochet.
Lets your craft better.
Where creativity blossoms.

The Hook and Needle club is an initiative to receive all the yarn and patterns to knit or crochet a new project each month. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, you will have a monthly opportunity to hone your skills and create beautiful items. Knitting and crochet relieves depression, reduces anxiety, builds self-esteem and is stress – busting. With these numerous benefits, students wish to step forward to actively engage themselves in this therapeutic club.

Reading club
Reading club is like group therapy without the depressing stories.
Today a reader, tomorrow a leader read to succeed.
Books don’t just go with you; they take you where you have never been.
A child who reads will be an adult who thinks.

The reading club in our school promotes affection towards literature in a positive nurturing environment. The club invites a group of children to read, frame opinions and discuss stories from a wide array of genres. Our cozy literacy studio provide the perfect escape to uncover new adventures through reading. Students are encouraged to push themselves and grow as readers and learners through this practice, something that can be applied to other areas of their education as well. At the end of the day there are endless benefits of joining this club.

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